Inserts for Conversion to Macon Operators

Macon RS Inserts for Conversion to Macon Thermostatic Operators
Manufacturer Part #
Ammark-SYR ½, ¾ 70 Series RSAMK-TT6
Honeywell Braukmann V100 RSBRK-V100
Braukmann: V110, V105 RSBRK
Bell & Gossett (ITT) RSB&G
Danfoss: RA RSDNF-RA
Danfoss: RAV ¾” & 1″ Hor. Angle RSDNF-TT1
Danfoss: RAV ½”, ¾” Vert. Angle, Straight RSDNF-TT2
Danfoss: RA2000 ¾” Vert. Angle, Straight RSDNF-TT3
Danfoss: RA2000 ½” Vert. Angle, Straight RSDNF-TT4
Flair RSFL
Minneapolis Honeywell V5061 T23000
Taco (Heat – Gard) RSTACO
Taco (1990 On), Eire Techmate RSTACO-TT5
Tour & Andersson – RVT + TRV RSTND
Tunstall Inserts can be engineered for all manual radiator valves. Sample may be required.

If not listed, contact your representative or the engineering staff at Tunstall Corporation

BULLETIN: NTACC-0714 – NT Valve Accessories