Valves – Cooling Valve – EKV 20




Areas of use:
The EKV valves are designed for use in refrigeration plants, induction or fan coil units where the flow of cold water through the heat exchangers can be regulated to obtain constant differentiated temperatures in different parts of the building.

The sensor medium of a thermostat component expands with rising temperature. The expansion is transmitted to the valve spindle and conus, opening the valve to permit flow of coolant. A return spring in the valve body closes the valve when the pressure on the spindle is relieved. The valve will be balanced so that the plug comes to rest in a given position, passing a given flow of coolant. Any change in the temperature at the sensor bulb causes a change in the position of the plug and thus increases or reduces the flow. The desired temperature is set by adjusting the regulation knob on the thermostat.


  • Compact dimensions
  • Forged brass valve
  • Actuators can be changed without draining the system
  • Stainless steel spindle
  • Shipped with protective cap that may be used for controlling cooling during construction period
  • Easy, one-trade installation
  • Replaceable insert
  • Prevents over- and under-cooling
  • Accessories available for proper mounting of sensor in circulating air for good sensing function
  • 24 Volt electric or non-electric t’stats available
  • Provides constant temperature

BULLETIN: EKV-0714 – Cooling Valve