Valves – Thermostatic Diverter or Mixing – EDV




EDVThe EDV is a twin seat valve with an intermediate cone of EPDM rubber that closes flow to both gates at the end position and directs flow as required. This valve can be used with any of the Macon electric or non electric thermostats.

Areas of Use:
The EDV three-way valve is used to mix and distribute the flow to heating and cooling systems such as air conditioning, water heaters, cooling ceilings, floor heating, cold-storage rooms, and refrigerated display cases.


  • Dezincification resistant brass
  • Compact dimensions
  • Replaceable insert
  • Stainless steel spindle
  • Easy one-trade installation
  • Electric or nonelectric – fully automatic
  • Provides constant temperature
  • Actuators can be changed without draining of the system
  • Shipped with a protective cap that can be used to control the unit during installation period
  • Four temperature ranges available (ask for details):
    T-1: 56°-83°F
    T-2: 68°-108°F
    T-3: 95°-131°F
    T-4: 122°-158°F

Thermostatic Diverter Mixing Valve

EDV-050 1/2″ EDV-075 3/4″
Dimensions Inches Inches
A 2.52 2.95
B 1.26 1.42
C 2.48 3.11
D 1.38 1.85
Sweat Couplings
1/2″ 1-1/4″ O.A. Length
3/4″ 1-1/2″ O.A. Length


Maximum static pressure: 145 psig
Maximum water temperature: 212°F
1/2 = 2.6
3/4 = 4.0
P-band at
temperature range T-1: 56°-83°F
temperature range T-2: 68°-108°F
temperature range T-3: 95°-131°F
temperature range T-4: 122°-158°F
Body sizes: 1/2″ and 3/4″
Body material: Dezincification resistant brass
Disc material: EPDM
Body tappings: Female sweat inlets and outlet
NOTE: See chosen thermostat for control data
NOTE: Brass spacer provided for cooling applications

BULLETIN: EDV-0714.02 – Thermostatic Diverter or Mixing Valve