Steam Traps

When enough energy is applied to water it turns into steam, which is a vapor.  After this energy is released (e.g. to heat a room) the steam turns into condensate.  Steam traps regulate this whole process.

What is a steam trap?

Steam traps are automatic valves that:

  1. trap steam
  2. allow for the discharge of condensate
  3. vent air and CO2 from the system


The most common types of steam traps are:

  1. thermostatic – this type uses temperature to differentiate between steam and condensate
  2. mechanical – a float or bucket controls the discharge of condensate
  3. thermodynamic – the velocity difference between steam and condensate operate on a disc to open or close the trap


Where are steam traps used?

In many industrial/process applications steam traps are used on chillers, laundry presses, evaporators, kilns, tanks, ironers, packeted vessels, heat exchangers and water heaters.

Steam traps also can be found near space heating equipment such as radiators, ceiling panels, fin tube radiation, unit heaters, convectors and coils.

Finally, steam systems in general employ steam traps on drip lines, tanks, vats, temperature regulators and pressure reducing valves.

Why Tunstall steam traps?

Since 1958 Tunstall Corporation has provided customers with outstanding, cost-effective solutions in an energy conscious world.    With our reputation for quality, service and innovation, we’ve built a group of loyal customers that include private entities, schools, colleges, universities, and government institutions

Starting with the introduction of our Tunstall® capsule air vent, we’ve moved “full steam ahead” to diversify our steam trap product line with innovative offerings, including our Thermostatic Radiator Steam Trap, Float and Thermostatic Steam Trap, Inverted Bucket Steam Trap, Thermal Disc Steam Traps and Modulating Steam Traps.

These exceptional products continue the Tunstall tradition of superior reliability and first-rate performance, enabling us to expand our business into a variety of new industries that use steam heat.

At Tunstall, we take great pride in the knowledge, service, and value that we offer to customers. When you need simple, high-quality and effective solutions to your steam heating needs, you can count on Tunstall.