Series DBC

Direct Replacement For Dunham Bush 1E and MEPCO 1E


Tunstall Corp. produces a complete line of thermostatic radiator steam traps with ratings from 25” HG vacuum to 25 psig. All units are “normally open” to expel air and water and will “close” at saturated steam temperature thereby preventing steam from entering into condensate return lines. Each Tunstall steam trap features the Tunstall Capsule which has become the best steam trap replacement element available today.


  • Forged brass body, nut and tailpiece
  • No need to change piping when replacing Dunham Bush 1/2” 1E and MEPCO 1/2” 1E, identical nut, tail piece and rough in dimensions
  • TIG welded stainless steel Tunstall Capsule with an option of phosphor bronze Tunstall Capsule


  • Simple installation
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel internals
  • Calibrated Tunstall Capsule for uniform balanced pressure operation
  • Energy and fuel savings


  • Cast Iron Radiators
  • Finned Tube Radiation
  • Convectors
  • Air Coils
  • Sterilizers
  • Drips
  • Replaces existing Dunham Bush/ MEPCO


Furnish and install Tunstall Thermostatic Steam Traps Series DBC as shown or as specified on plans and in accordance with manufacturers instructions. The trap body and cover shall be forged brass and provided with an entirely stainless steel Tunstall Capsule® . Rating shall be ______lbs/hr at ______PSIG pressure differential. Each unit shall be guaranteed for 2 years from date of installation.

The Tunstall Capsule® professionally upgrades all thermostatic steam traps. Refer to catalog #795 or Contact Us for more detailed information.

Engineering Specifications

Differential Pressure (PSI)
Square Feet EDR**
Model No. Size NPT 1/4 1/2 1 1-1/2 2 5 10 15 25
TA-1/2-DBC-A 1/2″ 90 120 165 200 230 320 500 625 825
TA-1/2-DBC-S 1/2″ 90 120 165 200 230 320 500 625 825
*Ratings are in accordance with standards established by The Steam Heating Equipment Manufacturers Association (SHEMA). No safety factor required.
**To convert Square Feet EDR to pounds of condensate per hour: Divide the square foot ratings by 4. One Square Foot EDR is equivalent to net emission of 240 BTU per hour with 215°F steam in the radiator surrounded by 70° F air temperature.
One pound of condensate is equivalent to approximately 1000 BTU, 1000 BTU is equivalent to approximately 4 square feet EDR

Fig. 1 TA-1/2-DBC-A

Fig. 2 TA-1/2-DBC-S


Model No. Pipe Size Pattern A B B D E Weight Capsule
TA-1/2-DBC-A 1/2″ Angle 3-1/8″ 1-1/8″ 2-7/16″ 1.25 lbs TFTA-2901
TA-1/2-DBC-S 1/2″ Straight 3-1/8″ 1-3/4″ 2-7/16″ 1/2″ 1.40 lbs TFTA-2901

BULLETIN: Series-DBC-0814 – Thermostatic Radiator Steam Traps – Series DBC