F&T Steam Traps

Float and thermostatic traps operate both mechanically and thermostatically. They are heavy duty units designed to handle large amounts of condensate and can be found on large heating units such as heat exchangers and unit heaters. F&T traps are also used at the end of supply mains. The mechanical side of a F&T is carried out by a float and lever system within the trap that discharges condensate as it accumulates. The thermostatic side is carried out by an air vent that releases air into the return piping but blocks steam. The valve seat connected to the float and lever assembly has different orifice openings for different pressures. The orifice diameter decreases as the psi goes up. F&T traps usually operate in the 15 psi to 125 psi range. Pipe sizes are almost always ¾” to 2”.

Float and thermostatic traps can handle both light and heavy condensate loads at different pressures and different temperatures. Accumulating condensate is discharged immediately. The thermostatic air vent is equally adept at handling varying volumes of air with the added benefit of closing off at the presence of steam.

Repair of ¾”, 1” and 1-1/4” F&T traps is simple. A face plate assembly with all interior parts connected to it can be easily installed. The larger float and thermostatic traps require a repair kit. Face plate assemblies are not available.